Craft Economy


Governance decisions are voted on through a proposal system. Proposals initially begin on the forums It is important for proposals to be carefully crafted before they are actually submitted to the network, because once a proposal is made it can not be edited.
In order to make a proposal to the DAO a user must bond 10,000 EXP. This amount may increase or decrease at the discretion of the DAO. The EXP will be refunded to the depositor at the end of the voting period, unless the majority vote is “No with Veto”. This mechanism is put in place to help ensure that proposals are thorough, and that the network is not bogged down by unnecessary and incomplete proposals.
A good proposal should include all of the following (and more):
  • A detailed description of the benefit to the DAO, and potential risks to the DAO -
  • Clearly state the category for the proposal (marketing, treasury, asset acquisition, etc)
  • The member(s) of the proposing committee, who they are, why they are involved, etc
    • Actionable items and responsible parties, timelines, etc.
  • If applicable, the OpSec and Multi-sig protections
  • If applicable, a detailed process of how funds are managed, revenues distributed, etc.
  • If applicable, the beneficiaries/ initiatives of capital formation