Craft Economy


There are two primary revenue categories for the Craft DAO
  • In-game revenues
  • On-chain revenues

In-game Revenues

Within the Craft Economy server, there are two primary in-game revenue streams.
  • Services--> Players pay for teleport across map, use of a pre-build template, etc
  • Taxes--> Players pay taxes for properties they own, business taxes, etc
50% of the gross revenue is shared to the DAO, and distributed once daily at EPOCH. For a detailed look of how in-game revenues are allocated please view In-game Revenues.

On-chain Revenues

The Craft DAO will acquire a variety of on-chain assets voted on by EXP delegators. Example assets, including but not limited to: DeFi protocols, DEX tokens, Cosmos ecosystem tokens, NFT's, etc
  • DeFi protocols, to generate consistent yields to fund further development, and provide a stable base to the Craft Economy and DAO, etc
  • DEX tokens, to fund CRAFT liquidity pools, generate yields for EXP delegators, etc
  • Cosmos ecosystem tokens, to generate yield from staking, gain exposure to other IBC-enabled communities, etc
  • NFT's, to gain exposure to other NFT communities, etc
The yields and profits generated from the assets will be distributed to the DAO in the manner proposed at point of acquisition. (I.e The yields generated from a liquidity pool may be immediately distributed, compounded, diversified, etc. This depends on the proposal). For detailed information on how proposals work Proposals.