Craft Economy


Craft Economy has several categories of NFT’s, with individual purposes and or functions. The Craft DAO controls which NFT’s can be minted, the price and method(s) they will be minted at, how the proceeds are distributed, etc. One key use of NFT’s for the Craft DAO is using them as a “bribe” for Asset Acquisition.


Mining, Farming, and Residential properties are all NFT’s that may be minted at certain intervals or events (proposed by the DAO), and thereafter bought and sold in the open-market (on the web-app). Mining and Farming properties will yield various in-game ores and crops/ livestock (respectively). Those materials may be sold in the secondary market (for CRAFT token), or used to create in-game items, etc. Residential properties are used mostly for storing in-game items, and may be purchased and in-turn leased out to other players.


Player skins are NFT’s that may be bought and sold in the open market, and minted based on availability. Some skins may be earned through participation in certain quests or competitions, others may used as Skins are a popular item across gaming in general, and it gives a player a way to ‘flex’. Whether they are sporting their validator/faction attire, a custom one-off skin, a skin that can only be acquired through a quest, etc. It creates an identity.


Artwork NFT’s can be displayed inside of residences, and can be bought and sold on the open market. Artwork can be generated as random pixels, or imported as custom art. Similar to skins, but more private. A player's artwork is only viewable to other players that they allow into their residence. Unless they choose to display it publicly in a museum or other

Custom Blocks→

Custom blocks may be implemented in the game as NFT’s, allowing players to turn them into a statue, a part of their residence, or otherwise. These blocks may be minted, bought and resold at the discretion of the DAO. Also a status symbol, and a potential method for asset acquisition bribes, but also ideal for factions/validators. These blocks may be used to create a custom statue or centerpiece for their group. Additionally, at the will of the DAO, these custom blocks may contain certain properties that make them ‘better’ than other blocks.