Craft Economy

Validator Involvement

What it takes to validate on Craft Economy

What is Craft Economy?

Craft Economy is a blockchain enabled, economy focused Minecraft server that runs on the cosmosSDK. Validating on Craft Economy will be dynamic and changing at a rapid pace as new features are integrated and the connection to the Minecraft server is solidified. It is required that all potential validators read through the documentation and form a solid understanding of the requirements to be a validator/how this chain & game will function.

Chain Functionality @ Genesis & Moving Forward

Consensus will be driven via the $EXP token. $EXP can be minted on the Craft Economy Webapp. $EXP is minted via locking up other Cosmos Ecosystem tokens and can can be burned to redeem your locked up tokens. $EXP will be minted on a governance basis, this is so the voting power will remain in the hands of the DAO members/gamers. Validators will serve a vital role in-game. Typically in Cosmos, as validators, our role is to secure the network and we are compensated for it via staking rewards. In Craft Economy validators will secure the network but they will also be incentivized to participate in the in-game economy via an in game mechanic we refer to as Factions.
Factions will be formed (initially by genesis validators & beta testers) to unite like minded players and create in game infrastructure. That ranges from, Companies, Real Estate Owners, Mining Corporations, Store Fronts, Farms, Organized Crime, ETC. Your initial role as a genesis validator will be what you are used to within the Cosmos ecosystem. But as referenced earlier once the feature set grows and the integration between blockchain and Minecraft is complete your role will shift. Instead of gaining foundation delegations validators will see more economic value by participating in the games mechanisms. Some genesis validators will have an edge in the Faction front by receiving pre-determined in-game roles, this comes with property ownership/company ownership which will have real world value. Being that validators will have an initially higher amount of $EXP they will have access to purchasing items other players cannot/property ownership before the player base grows as a means to bootstrap the in game economy.

Requirements & Involvement

Similar to Osmosis, validators will be HEAVILY involved on a DAILY basis with the network once we reach main-net/final launch.
Requirements for Validators
  • Dedicated validator staff
  • Willingness to play Minecraft
  • Willingness to understand all Craft Economy functionalities
  • High level understanding of validator infrastructure
  • Team to run the Faction's
  • Participation in the Craft economy community & governance
You'll notice we have a requirement for having a team to run your faction. Running a faction requires heavy in game participation. People will be employed by company owners to serve in game roles
Example, Animal Farms:
  • Owner- Creates company & purchases farm land
  • Ranch Hand- Tends to cattle ensuring they are fed and healthy
  • Supplier- Purchases necessary food/water items from the agriculture suppliers
People who run validator infrastructure on multiple networks may not have the bandwidth required to also run the faction. Keep in mind that certain companies will have the ability to onboard apprentices. They will essentially work at no cost to the corporation because they will be compensated via *incentivized inflation Infrastructure
*Incentivized Inflation: A portion of the token supply that will go to players who accomplish in game quests