Craft Economy

Incentivized Liquidity Rewards Program

In order to create a liquid market from launch, a significant portion of the supply of CRAFT has been allocated to the Incentivized Liquidity Rewards Program. 15% of the total supply (37,500,000 CRAFT) has been allocated to incentivize liquidity on CRAFT/OSMO and CRAFT/ATOM pairs. The total emission per day is 102,739 CRAFT.
The incentivized liquidity rewards program is scheduled to last for 1 year (365 days), from the launch date. The rewards will be dispersed once per day at EPOCH, and distributed 50% to the CRAFT/OSMO pair and 50% to the CRAFT/ATOM pair.
For clarity this means that 51,369.5 CRAFT will be distributed to each pool. This method intends to further incentivize liquidity to be relatively balanced between the two pools.
The incentivized liquidity rewards program will eventually be funded by contributions from revenues generated by the DAO, otherwise it will be phased out completely.
Last modified 1yr ago